ONLY ON FOX5: 9-year-old shares how she escaped her kidnapper in North Las Vegas with baby brother in arms

A 9-year-old girl is being called a hero after she escaped a kidnapper and carried her baby brother back to the 7-Eleven where they were abducted Monday night.
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 11:31 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A 9-year-old girl in North Las Vegas is being called a hero after she escaped a kidnapper and carried her baby brother back to the 7-Eleven where they were abducted Monday night. In an exclusive interview, she sat down with FOX5 to share her story.

“I was like... please sir, please let us out the car,” said 9-year-old Nyla Prentiss to her kidnapper. “I ain’t got nothing to do with this, please just take the car and let us go.”

The fourth grader and her baby brother King, who is just 11 months old, were in the backseat of their mom’s car Monday night, just before 8:30, when her mom ran into a convenience store on Cheyenne and Decatur to use the ATM.

“My mom went to the store to put some money on her card, and this boy was looking at her in a strange way, and then he-- he ran outside, and then he tried to open my mom’s door,” said Nyla. “And then my mom came outside and she was like, ‘What are you doing next to my car?’”

Mother Karen Quinn said she had locked the door before going into the store, but after returning to the car to confront the suspect, the door unlocked since the car’s technology sensed that her key was nearby.

“When she comes next to her car, it unlocks,” said Nyla. “So her car unlocked and then he got in the car and he zoomed. And I didn’t want to put my hands on him because he was driving fast and I didn’t want to die, so... and then he turned and he went the other way.”

Nyla said she wasn’t sure where he was driving but noted they were going fast.

“So I just closed my eyes and I was thinking, like, what I’m gonna say and stuff,” said Nyla.

Then, she said she reached for the unlock button in the car, but the man swatted her hand away.

“And I was like, ‘Please sir, let us out the car,’” said Nyla.

She said the only thing the kidnapper said to her was, “Get out.” Thankfully, he pulled over.

“The only thing I was worried about was my little brother. And so I tried to grab my shoes, and he didn’t let me. He was like, ‘Here, get out.’ So I grabbed his binky and me and him ran.”

Once on the sidewalk, she started running.

“I didn’t know where I was at,” said Nyla. “I just started running with him, ‘cause I’m not gonna leave him in the car... I always watch him every day.”

She said she her body was hurting because of the pressure of carrying the baby. Nyla has a kidney disease called FSGS Nephrotic Syndrome, and her mother said the situation caused her kidney to swell with pain.

She also stepped on a rock and hurt her foot while running.

“And I stopped because it was a rock right there, and my foot went like that (motioning)-- it was hurting,” said Nyla.

Nyla and King managed to get back to the 7-Eleven. Police said it was roughly five blocks from where she was released. She had run barefoot through the dark streets, terrified, with her baby brother in her arms.

“I was looking for some lights, and then I saw the 7-eleven that we was at, and then I went in there and I was shaking and crying,” said Nyla.

The staff at 7-Eleven gave her a chair and something to drink. The mother was out looking for them. Then the police officers came in.

“And then, when I heard them say they have my mom, I started crying,” said Nyla.

Quinn told FOX5 that she fell to the floor, thanking God her children were safe.

“The man that took you guys, did he know you were in there?” we asked.

“Yes. He looked back at me,” replied Nyla.

She said she is still scared and having trouble sleeping, and is glued to her mother’s side in the meantime.

“He should have been minding his own business,” said Nyla.

Nyla is one of five children. She is the only girl.

Quinn’s car was totaled in the kidnapping. Her grandmother set up a Gofundme page to help with the expenses to replace the car. They pointed out that the family will also need to afford counseling so they can recover from the health impacts of what happened.