Las Vegas OBGYN subject of sexual misconduct complaint

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Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 1:23 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A Las Vegas-area doctor is the subject of a sexual misconduct complaint filed by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners on Sept. 21.

George Peter Chambers, MD, is an OBGYN doctor and has been licensed by the board since 2003. His website says he specializing in obstetric care and gynecological surgery.

The complaint details allegations from three separate patients from 2018-2020 who allege different incidents, from Chambers allegedly taking photos of their genitalia to offering to pay for nude photos for his “portfolio.”

The first patient, identified in the complaint as Patient A, is a 36-year-old female. She reportedly saw Chambers for a consult in Nov. 2020.

Chambers allegedly used the woman’s cellphone to take photos of her vaginal area before he asked the woman to text him some of the photos he took.

Patient A said she was uncomfortable doing this, as she wasn’t sure the data was being exchanged securely, but she still sent the photos to Chambers.

The details in her medical record doesn’t match what she alleges actually happened during the exam, the complaint said. The complaint alleges Patient A was “humiliated and sexually demeaned” by Chambers by the incident.

Patient B is identified as a 35-year-old female. Patient B was reportedly a patient of Chambers’ for several years before she had an appointment with him on Oct. 29, 2018.

Chambers allegedly offered to pay Patient B or other patients $1,000 for nude photographs to use in an advertisement for his practice. The complaint filed by the Board of Medical Examiners called this “sexually suggestive and/or sexually demeaning” to the patient and said Chambers violated professional boundaries.

Patient C, a 27-year-old female, details a similar incident. According to the complaint, she went to Chambers in Oct. 2019 for treatment for pelvic pain and routine gynecological care.

Patient C told Chambers she was struggling financially, the complaint said. Chambers allegedly said he was seeking models for his “portfolio” of work and/or an advertisement and offered $1,000 to participate. The patient said she would also receive a thumb drive with “boudoir” photos from the session, the complaint said.

Patient C thought it was odd that Chambers was soliciting photographs of her vaginal area, as he’s never performed any cosmetic procedures on her in that area, the complaint said.

“[Chambers] has demonstrated a pattern of failing to use the reasonable care, skill, or knowledge ordinarily used by obstetrician-gynecologists in good standing by repeatedly engaging in sexual improprieties with more than one patient,” the board wrote in the complaint. The Board of Examiners said Chambers “repeatedly exploited his relationships with patients and violated patients’ trust by engaging in sexual improprieties that constitute sexual misconduct.”

The board notified Chambers of the complaint and Chambers can file an answer to the allegations within 20 days of the filing date. The board will then set up a formal hearing.