SPECIAL REPORT: Las Vegas teacher brings bulletproof vest to class, fears for their safety

A Las Vegas Valley teacher tells FOX5 that they fear for their safety daily after the Uvalde school shooting.
Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 10:57 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A Las Vegas Valley teacher tells FOX5 that they fear for their safety daily after the Uvalde school shooting, and brings a bulletproof vest to class to protect themselves and children from a threat.

The teacher asked FOX5 to keep their identity hidden. FOX5 is also not disclosing the name of the local school.

The teacher tells FOX5, they did not feel prepared for a potential threat after their mandatory summer active shooter training. There are around 1,000 children at the school.

“It made me realize how dangerous being in the classroom or being in a school is and how easy it is for people to hurt these kids or employees at schools,” the teacher said.

The teacher has concerns about the ease of strangers entering the building, getting past any security guards who they state are not visible and breaching the lobby to attack classrooms. The school told FOX5, they abide by all state requirements and work with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and the Southern Nevada Counterterrorism Center on training, security and threat mitigation.

According to the teacher, in the event of a threat, the school instructed teachers to lock the door and keep kids away.

“We would be kneeling on the floor going up and down the row of students, making sure that everything is good. Their exact words were to do whatever we have to do to make them feel safe. So if being close to the door made them feel safe, then that’s pretty much what we were supposed to do,” they said, feeling obliged to put themselves in between the threat and students. An administration spokesperson stated that was never the case, nor did anyone encourage teachers to bring bulletproof vests into the classroom.

The teacher explains that they are not the only ones bringing a bulletproof vest to class. “I’ve talked to several teachers that are either thinking about it or who have already done it because we’re all scared of that,” they said. “So if somebody was coming into the classroom, I was expected to be the brave one, the one that is protecting the kids at all costs,” they said.

The teacher hopes their administration invests in more security, armed security and infrastructure for the sake of the students and the staff.

“My biggest fear is, something happens in the classroom that I have no control over, and somebody getting hurt because of that. We don’t know when something is going to happen,” they said.