Las Vegas police say businesses across valley hit in 5-day burglary spree

Las Vegas police say 17 businesses throughout the valley have been burglarized in the last five days.
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 10:48 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Las Vegas police say 17 businesses throughout the valley have been burglarized in the last five days. Police are warning others could be next.

On Monday morning, the alarm company alerted the owner of Laurita’s Taco Shop that someone was inside his restaurant off Durango and Desert Inn. Since it was 4:20 a.m. he told the company to call the police immediately. Manager Jennifer Gonzalez got to the restaurant with a representative from the alarm company, they were instructed to wait for police since they were busy investigating another burglary nearby.

“I feel like I was concerned but at the same time I was scared cause you don’t know what you’re walking into you know,” Gonzalez said.

The front glass door was shattered. Gonzalez said once two officers arrived they discovered the cash register was gone. Gonzalez said it had around $150 inside.

“Really nothing but for us who are just starting off at this location at this business it’s something you know,” Gonzalez said. Laurita’s Taco Shop had just opened this second location at the end of June.

The responding officer told Gonzalez their restaurant was one of 12 that had been hit. By Wednesday Metro sent out a press release reporting a total of 17 businesses had been burglarized since August 26th.

Police say the suspects break through the front glass doors of the businesses between 2:30-5:30 a.m. and target cash drawers and safes. The suspects have used three vehicles which include a grey two-door sedan, a white Jeep Patriot, and a black four-door sedan. Police say the suspects are out of the businesses in a matter of minutes.

Panna Thai Restaurant off Fort Apache and Russell Road was also hit on Monday morning around 4. John Romea, a server, said their maintenance man was still at the restaurant when it got broken into. Romea said they tried to break the glass door with a rock, and their second attempt was successful.

“If he wasn’t there they probably could’ve taken anything they wanted. I haven’t spoke to him personally but I’m sure he was pretty shocked there’s a lot of adrenalin in that situation you don’t know what people can have if they have weapons you know a firearm,” Romea said.

Two other restaurants in the same plaza were also broken into that same morning.

“Well we get out here relatively late I mean we close at 10 but sometimes we have to clean up by 11. And that kind of just makes me think like oh they could’ve been sitting there just waiting for us to come out that kind of makes you feel like we’re getting watched in a way. It definitely makes you be like more careful of your surroundings and more aware and watch out for certain things,” Romea said.

On Wednesday, Metro handed out flyers that said ‘your business could be their next target.’ Police suggest businesses bolt down any safes to the floor, turn on their alarm, empty their cash drawers and avoid leaving cash on property.

Gonzalez from Laurita’s Taco Shop said they’re taking that advice.

“It’s hard because you know you get paid from here but then once a restaurant takes a hit you guys take a hit- the workers and not just the restaurant and the owner,” Gonzalez said.