Henderson couple reports ongoing problems with new-build home

Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 8:47 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - There’s a lot of hurdles new home buyers have gone through this past year from rising interest rates to higher home prices, but it’s what’s happening after the deals close that’s frustrating a lot of buyers getting into new builds.

In 2021, Allan Mamaclay, who lived in Hawaii, was recruited by the Clark County School District to work as a special needs teacher. Both he and his wife had lived in one bedroom apartments so purchasing a home in Henderson was a great opportunity to settle. After a lottery system, Mamaclay purchased a new-build in Henderson. By July 2021 he and his wife moved to the valley renting an apartment.

In November the developer told Mamaclay they can estimate a move-in date of about 6 to 7 months from start of construction which was August 15, 2021. The developer wrote a letter to future homebuyers about ‘construction challenges.’

“Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages have impacted every aspect of the homebuilding business. These challenges have resulted in interruptions and delays throughout the building process and may delay the completion of your home.”

Estimated move-in month was February, March and then was pushed to summer. Mamaclay reached out to his new-build superintendent.

“So I text him in March and he’s like no, we’re looking at July so I had to halt everything and re-lease,” Mamaclay said.

On top of paying higher rent to go month-to-month, Mamaclay’s projected mortgage increased. Since he did not lock in an interest rate his mortgage went up from $2,350 to $2,900.

By May his home was ready for a walkthrough.

“On our initial walkthrough there’s a lot of things missing and I didn’t know like what was missing. And the superintendent really didn’t know too he didn’t like, I knew things were missing but he couldn’t tell me like what was missing total,” Mamaclay said.

Missing blinds, a cracked window, and a hole in the drywall upstairs were just some of the cosmetic issues he noticed.

“And I remember on our initial walkthrough they’re like – so you want to close? I guarantee we’re going to fix all of this and we had to because what are we going to do? Pay another $2,000? In retrospect I should’ve just paid the $2,000,” Mamaclay said referring to his apartment rent.

Right now every dollar counts for Mamaclay. His wife is recovering from stage three breast cancer and is looking for work.

Mamaclay said he wishes he would’ve waited to sign.

“Once you sign off that you close then the loan gets funded so I would’ve waited and hold that over them and be like I’m not closing and you wont get funded until you fix everything,” Mamaclay said.

Looking back, Mamaclay said he wished he would’ve done things differently.

“Dealing with it yourself is hard right and you work, you put your trust in it and you just don’t have the time,” Mamaclay said.

He recommends new-build homeowners get a realtor for representation.

“Just be aware right, I know what you see in the model homes are so nice right and they way it’s presented you’re going to expect that quality right? And you just got to make sure you put in your work,” Mamaclay said.

FOX5 reached out to the developer. Right now the name is not being disclosed while FOX5 still gathers a list of homeowners from different developers. Each developer has different policies.