Raiders House Band sets the stage at Allegiant Stadium

The Raiders House Band sets the stage at Allegiant Stadium.
Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 2:48 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Allegiant Stadium may be just a few years old, but it is already one one of the top destination venues for sports fans across the country and as we saw in 2021, it’s also attracting some of the world’s premier performers as well.

When fans buy a ticket to a Raiders game, they are watching one of the most storied franchises in NFL history, and doing so in a world class facility. However, the biggest mystery is the music, who will be the opening act be for the Silver and Black?

The talent at the torch has become one of the most anticipated moments on Raiders game day, and as we learned it’s led by some local Las Vegans from start to finish.

“That’s the thing that’s really indigenous to Las Vegas, that’s what made Las Vegas, live entertainment. The Raiders always being the first at everything, they seem to be leading the way in a lot of different avenues and live entertainment is definitely one of them,” explained the Raiders House Banc conductor and trumpeter, David Perrico.

The Raiders House Band is a 19-piece ensemble that features four singers, five horns, an all-female six-piece string section and a four-piece rhythm section.

“It’s kind of an All-Star band I put together, my own football team,” said Perrico. “They’re all the top pros. they’re in demand, these are the highest quality, some of the best musicians in Las Vegas, so they’re all in high-demand.”

Perrico is a classically trained musician who has lived in Las Vegas for more than two decades. He and his band, the Pop Strings Orchestra, played for a decade at the Smith Center and have held multiple residencies on and off the strip, including, four years at Caesars Palace prior to the pandemic. The show went dark and it wasn’t until the Raiders called, they earned their biggest gig yet.

“They could get anybody to play here or they could just get guest artists, but they chose to have someone from the local community, audition that band, make sure it’s the right fit for what they’re looking for with everything that is required to be the house band,” said Perrico.

The Raiders House Band have over a hundred songs in their playbook, ready to perform any and all at a moments notice on game day. He says, like the home town team, success on Sunday hinges on preparation and execution.

“I have to write custom arrangements for every game, it’s a new set list,” explained Perrico. “We play a 30-minute preshow setlist and then throughout the game we’re playing for 30-second timeouts, 20-seconds, two-minute breaks. If they want a certain song played, I have to have nine different versions of that song. You have to be really on your feet, it’s about a nine-hour day here. The interaction at the game with the fans that we’re getting and everyone singing along with the band, it’s incredible, it’s an honor. We’re thrilled to be here, it’s a great opportunity and it really comes from Mark Davis.”

Every weekend the Raiders House Band shares the stage with some of the biggest names in the business like Ludacris, Sammy Hagar, Lil Jon, Carlos Santana, Rev Run, and Ice Cube. Even the National Anthems at Allegiant Stadium make you feel like it’s Super Bowl Sunday with the talents of Vanessa Hudgens, Marie Osmond, and Gladys Knight all making appearances.

“Only in Vegas can you see this type of spectacle, this type of integration here. Nowhere else. Again, the Raiders always leading the way in uniqueness and their individuality,” said Perrico.

The Raiders House Band performs 30-minutes prior to kickoff, during the game, at halftime, and if the Raiders win, postgame as well