Las Vegas apartment tenants seek solution from property management after flooding damages units

The rain impact at one Las Vegas apartment complex is causing trouble for many residents living there.
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 9:40 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The rain impact at one Las Vegas apartment complex is causing trouble for many residents living there.

We’ve been out at Karen West Apartments multiple times this monsoon season where some tenants have been dealing with different leaks and other issues.

Residents say they’re doing the best they can cleaning out parts of their ceiling and carpet.

FOX5 has learned the apartment complex didn’t pass an inspection.

“Due to the storm last night, we had this water damage that caused it to collapse down here. The water was coming from the fan, water was coming down up there, it was pouring down just pounding,” said resident Doris Adanaque who has lived at Karen West Apartments for 13 years.

She lives alone and says after Thursday night’s storm, her home is torn apart.

“We were swimming in here cause it got real flooded I couldn’t get out of my apartment this door was stuck,” she added.

The devastating effects of last night’s storm caused collapsing roofs, leakage into units and water bubbles just moments from breaking through the ceiling.

Neighbors are afraid and with no word from the apartment, it’s been a guessing game.

“We were told that we’re gonna be relocated somewhere, they haven’t done anything, I haven’t seen them do anything,” Adanaque admitted.

Adanaque isn’t the only person experiencing this type of damage.

A resident of 20 years, Dowon Wilson, says this has been the worst experience of his time at the complex.

“We can’t sleep, we can’t do anything and it stinks bad. The rug stinks bad, it’s not livable and for him to treat all of us like that it’s very wrong,” Wilson explained.

Wilson says he feels neglected by the property manager and hopes that he and his neighbors get some help soon.

Tenants are now headed to a nearby hotel. Some say while this is a positive first step, it’s not enough because they would like to be housed in a safe apartment complex.