Pedestrian warning system going in on Warm Springs outside Green Valley High School

The new warning system was placed in an effort to protect students and other pedestrians.
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 6:57 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Some teachers are applauding the city of Henderson for installing a pedestrian warning system on busy Warm Springs outside Green Valley High School.

“I’m extremely happy to see this crossing going up right now. I’ve had other teachers and parents comment that they’re happy that it’s finally getting put in place for the school,” said Green Valley High teacher Phillip Postier.

Phillip Postier pushed for a pedestrian warning system on Warm Springs Road last school year. He teaches kids with special needs and uses a crosswalk on Warm Springs when he takes his students outside the school for learning. In video, he provided, one car screeches to a halt when Postier enters the crosswalk to help his students cross the street. FOX5 also saw some cars not stopping or slowing down when students were in the crosswalk. People also end up stranded in the middle of the street on a median because cars aren’t stopping.

Last school year FOX5 reached out to Henderson city officials about Postier’s request for a pedestrian warning system. At the time, Henderson officials said putting a system at that location was already in the works. On Wednesday, city officials said they expect to the warning system to be installed by the end of the month. A spokesperson said the city decided to install the system on Warm Springs, based on “high demand for a pedestrian crossing at a mid-block unsignalized location.”

The Federal Highway Administration says a study in 2010 indicated the pedestrian hybrid beacons can reduce pedestrian crashes by 69 percent, and total crashes by 29 percent. The lights are dark until activated. The group says that quick illumination, when a button is pushed, helps increase driver attention to pedestrians crossing.