CCSD distance learning program begins school year fully staffed

Clark County School District building on July 3, 2019.
Clark County School District building on July 3, 2019.((Ashley Casper/FOX5) | FOX5)
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 3:24 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - While schools have faced teacher shortages throughout Covid, the Nevada Learning Academy for CCSD students has a full line of teachers to begin instruction from home.

“We’re fully staffed. I think that’s one of the more exciting things we have going in a time of massive teacher shortages. We don’t have to experience it this year,” said Nevada Learning Academy Principal Michael Martin.

That is encouraging news after the school got slammed with students after Covid hit the valley hard. Martin says enrollment was 400 in May 2021 but then jumped dramatically in August to 4500 and 7500 in September. He says the school might be close to 7500 this year. FOX5 talked with several parents who were registering their kids at the school Thursday. Some said they are going for full online instruction because they want to keep their kids safe from Covid. Others said they were worried about school shootings. While others told us, they think online instruction offers fewer distractions and a better learning environment for their kids. Martin says he believes distance learning is becoming a new norm.

“When the pandemic started, I don’t believe a lot of families realized that it was even a viable option to have their students learning full time online. But then the entire school district went through distance learning together. And I think a lot of families started to realize that it just met their needs more than a comprehensive campus did, “said Martin.

He also says feedback from some teachers indicates teachers feel distance learning is the wave of the future; cutting edge learning. And he says many believe in it because they experienced it.

Martin says the school has evolved to provide learning for all levels. He says self-starters will get more independent learning, but those who’ve had trouble learning from home will get some extra help in the form of more direct one-on-one conversations with a teacher, or small group lessons.

“But the students who need the help, we’ll be able to provide it for them,” said Martin,

Open enrollment continues through August 26.