‘Dads in Schools’ ready for first day of school in Clark County

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 11:40 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - In just four days, students will be back inside Clark County classrooms. Many dads will also be going back to school. Come Monday, “Dads in Schools” volunteers will be looking to ensure safety on school campuses.

According to Troy Martinez, Founder of “Dads in Schools,” 81 schools have requested the program and 750 volunteers have signed up to answer that call.

On Wednesday, FOX5 caught up with some volunteers outside Valley High School before a meeting with the principal ahead of the big first day.

“We have the opportunity here at the fifth largest school district to set the standard for the nation of how to keep a school safe,” Martinez asserted.

Reports of violence at CCSD schools filled the headlines last school year: fights, guns, hard lockdowns, even a sexual assault and attempted murder of a teacher in her own classroom.

As a dad, Martinez felt compelled to do something. He created “Dads in Schools.”

“Our ultimate goal is that every child, every teacher is able to both teach and learn in a safe space knowing that violence will not happen on that campus and that an outside threat will not be able to come in,” Martinez shared. Volunteers completed active shooter training this summer.

Martinez believes they are now prepared to act if a situation like what happened in Uvalde, Texas were to happen here.

“I can guarantee you, with the system we set up where there is protection on the perimeter, where there is protection at the entrances, instant communication. We would not see the kind of tragedy we have seen in the last couple of months,” Martinez contended.

Eddie Blanco is answering the call to volunteer. Blanco believes after the pandemic, students are hurting and a strong male presence, a support system some don’t have at home, could make all the difference.

“For these kids to know like this man is not even my dad, but he is here, he is talking to me, he is showing me love, he shows up… It could change your whole life just having that right mentor,” Blanco stated.

The goal is ten dads per school. About 100 more volunteers are still needed to reach that goal. Volunteers must pass a background check and be fingerprinted.

You can sign up here.