Nevada State Police union says staffing shortage exposed even more during bad weather

Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 7:03 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The active weather can lead to dangerous conditions on the road and the Nevada police union said the department doesn’t have the resources to keep up when they’re most needed.

“The freeways really are becoming a danger,” Nevada Police Union Southern Nevada spokesman Wayne Dice said.

Dice said there used to be about 180 troopers patrolling the Las Vegas Valley and now that number is below 60.

He believes proactive policing is diminishing every year, and it’s only exacerbated on an active weather week like this.

“A common day we’d have 15 crashes or 20 crashes, but when it rains, you’re going to almost triple that,” Dice said. “We just don’t have the bodies to handle that especially when we have bad weather.”

Tuesday night overtime was offered to keep more troopers patrolling in case there’s more active weather. The union said the lack of patrol is leading to more speeding, impairment and crashes. This month alone Dice said southern Nevada lost nine troopers. Some left for retirement and the others left for another job.

“Pay and benefits are the number one reason people are leaving,” Dice said.

NSP said they’re facing the same challenges that many law enforcement agencies, other government employers, and private businesses are dealing with regarding recruitment and retention. A statement from the department went on to say, “many dedicated state police officers and troopers are working diligently to provide public safety services on our roadways and in our communities.”

“We’re pretty close to being broken if we don’t have a fix in the near future,” Dice said.

Dice said the pay hikes need to come immediately or else more troopers will leave.