Las Vegas domestic violence shelter launches coffee program to help abuse survivors

Coffee beans that are for sale as part of SafeNest's new program.
Coffee beans that are for sale as part of SafeNest's new program.(FOX5)
Published: Jul. 14, 2022 at 6:38 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Your next cup of coffee could help survivors of domestic abuse. Domestic violence shelter SafeNest has launched a new program that will teach woman basic job skills and give them the opportunity to make some money by selling these boxes of coffee.

The program gives them the opportunity to have some financial stability.

“For me, it means a lot because it gives me that step to know that I can do it and just the independence and the confidence to know that I got this,” said a woman participating in the program who did not want to be identified.

For that woman, the new SafeNest coffee program has been life changing.

“It has helped a lot as far as my children and being able to take care of my son and just everything in life right now. SafeNest has been a blessing. As well as the coffee. It just opens a whole new door for everyone in the shelter.”

This program opens the doors for survivors to learn the skills of public speaking, leadership development and conflict resolution.

Women in the program will put together boxes of coffee that will then be sent out to people who order them online.

“When you are going out, with your resume post shelter or while you are getting ready to transition, you have the skill sets on your resume that you wouldn’t have access to if we did not have this program,” said CEO of Safe Nest, Liz Ortenburger.

Ortenburger said this will also provide survivors with financial independence.

“What happens when you have financial choice, you have agency and so that gives you the opportunity to work through things with more choices, more opportunities and not be beholding to someone to fulfill the financial need,” said Ortenburger.

Ortenburger shared what has been her proudest moment in starting this program.

“As you were interviewing one of our incredibly brave survivors, right before this, I was crying in the corner because being able to do this work is such a gift for me but being able to grow this work so that we are meeting the need,” said Ortenburger.

Oretenburger said they have two women ready to go in the program now and are hoping to have around 30 residents in total employed in the program.

Women in the program can work up to 100 hours within a time frame of 6 to 10 weeks at the rate of $15 an hour.

To order SafeNest coffee online, click HERE.