Former Las Vegas strip club building sees third fire in 5 weeks

A fire broke out for the third time this summer on the lot where the abandoned Crazy Horse Too...
A fire broke out for the third time this summer on the lot where the abandoned Crazy Horse Too sits, a former strip club.(Eddie Santaella | Eddie Santaella)
Published: Jul. 9, 2022 at 3:14 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Firefighters started their weekend putting out flames at a site becoming all too familiar to them. Around 7 a.m. Saturday, a blaze began on the lot of an abandoned, former strip club called Crazy Horse Too for the third time this summer.

“It’s a constant hazard,” said Charles Pagett of R&K Concrete Cutting, who spent the morning on Industrial Road, helping put boards up on the entrances of the impacted building.

Nobody was hurt, according to Clark County Fire Department, but the site has a recent history of fires.

On Sunday, June 5, officials put out a fire at the abandoned buildings on the same lot, as we reported. Then, more recently, on June 25, a fire had to be put out again.

“This is the third time in two months that it’s caught fire,” said Pagett.

Pagett said Saturday’s fire took place in the rear of Vic’s Crazy Diner, the building directly connected to the former strip club Crazy Horse Too.

“It used to be a little diner shop years and years and years ago,” said Pagett. “They’ve all been abandoned for years.”

Firefighters called on Pagett’s company to help secure the building and prevent anyone from getting in again, and possibly getting injured from burnt debris.

“We kind of laughed when the fire department called us and said, ‘Look, the Crazy Horse again.’ And I’m, like ‘Alright,’ so.”

While no official fire cause has been released by authorities, Pagett thinks he knows the cause.

“It was probably squatters inside,” said Pagett. “Yeah, you could tell that there was people living there... There was clothes in backpacks, beds and sleeping bags, all that kind of stuff inside the property.”

47 fire officials worked on this, including Clark County Fire Department and the City of Las Vegas Fire Departments. They deployed a “high level response,” comprised of eight engines, two truck companies, two battalion chiefs, two rescues and an air unit.

“With the boards up now, will they be able to get back in?” we asked Pagett.

“Well, we hope not,” said Pagett. He added that they secured the boards as tight as they could, but also said, “But they’re resourceful. They’ll pry the wood right off of there.”

The fire is under investigation at this time. Damages have not been estimated.

CCFD told us that first responders received word of the fire at around 7:02 Saturday morning, and were able to knock it out by 7:15.