Multiple downtown Las Vegas fire victims burglarized

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 9:47 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The largest fire in the city of Las Vegas in 25 years tore through a number of townhomes at Urban Lofts near Fremont and Charleston last week. Now several families are dealing with a new hardship: thieves broke into multiple homes and stole thousands of dollars worth of belongings.

“It felt really violating to have those last few things taken. I was really emotional. I was angry. I was crying,” fire victim Emily Smith said.

Smith is one of the many that lost their home in the fire.

Last Friday, Smith was let in her home for the first time to grab surviving belongings. They filled up their smoke-filled cars with the valuables they could fit, however there were still lots of important belongings that they would have to come back for later.

They asked the contractor to board up the windows and doors to prevent a break-in. Since Smith is a renter, the contractor said he would need approval from the management company. Even after that, for some reason, the contractor didn’t board it up. When Smith returned Monday the back window was smashed and thousands of dollars worth of valuables were gone.

“To then have that hope and happiness that we had a few things to take with us and then to come back and those things are gone,” Smith said. “It’s really unfortunate it wasn’t boarded up and protected”

Between the fire and burglary, she lost her art pieces and expensive equipment for her new business.

Smith wasn’t alone. Her next-door neighbor lost electronics and other valuables in a break-in, and Smith has heard that other neighbors were ransacked too.

“Security was patrolling the area, but it just wasn’t enough to combat the amount of people that were breaking in throughout the weekend,” Smith said.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told FOX5 they have multiple police reports filed. The earliest was a week ago. Police are investigating the burglaries.

There is a fundraiser to help Smith and her boyfriend.