Henderson neighborhood frustrated as homeless man sleeps on sidewalk nightly

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 10:54 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The number of people homeless across the Las Vegas Valley keeps growing. What can you do if someone who is homeless decides to start sleeping in your neighborhood? It is a question some homeowners in one Henderson neighborhood have been asking for months after one man keeps returning.

“This guy needs help. He is not mentally capable of living on his own let alone on the streets... He has a walker. He goes really slow. He can’t walk in a straight line…. It is hard when you try to get help for somebody, and nothing happens,” homeowner Mikel Little told FOX5.

“How many times do you think that you have called somebody looking for help?” questioned FOX5′s Kim Passoth.

“Over the past year, must have been two to three times a week,” Little replied.

From Magnesium Street in Henderson, the casinos on Water Street are within eyesight. The man keeps coming back and sleeping in the same spot on the sidewalk where neighbors have put large rocks hoping to deter him. It’s right next to Little’s home.

“I call emergency services on him and once he says no, they leave him alone, don’t help him. Try calling the city for city ordinance, homeless outreach and everything and it doesn’t seem like any progress,” Little shared.

They say he leaves trash, leftover food, and uses the bathroom here.

“He goes on the sidewalk and the street and we confront him about it, and he picks it up and puts it in his pockets,” Little revealed. Little often power washes the area with bleach and picks up what’s left behind.

The home across the street has gone up for sale and Little says neighborhood kids no longer play outside.

Little explained the man keeps coming back because the dirt lot near the sidewalk where he sleeps used to be where his house stood.

“The city took it down because it was just rat infested. The rats chewed through the walls, the electrical, the flooring. Hazmat crews were out here,” Little recalled.

Little believes the man’s mental state is why he could no longer maintain his home. He thinks the man may not be mentally capable of accepting help.

“Once someone says no, no matter what kind of mental state, they are in they can’t do anything,” Little contended.

FOX5 reached out to the City of Henderson, Henderson police, and Clark County’s homeless outreach. A spokesperson for Henderson said the Henderson Homeless Response Team did make contact with the homeless man and gave the following statement:

The City of Henderson has a designated homeless outreach team called the Henderson Homeless Response Team, staffed by HELP of Southern Nevada. The Henderson Homeless Response Team routinely provides street outreach services to assess the needs of those living unsheltered to connect them with resources to help move them off the streets and into housing. These efforts are in conjunction with additional outreach efforts from other City of Henderson departments.

If a person sees anyone causing a disturbance or potentially suspicious activity, we encourage them to call 311. If they see any imminent danger, or illegal activity, such as trespassing, they should call 911. Residents can also submit non-emergency information through Contact Henderson at cityofhenderson.com

Neighbors say the man was gone for a few days but is back again as of Wednesday night. FOX5 will be reaching out to additional area services to see what can be done.