Donation drive Saturday at Camp Rhino gyms for local family that needs heart transplant for newborn

The Las Vegas couple are long-time members of the gym, and now the gym is helping them.
Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 7:09 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -Esmeralda and Antonio Garcia knew prior to the birth of their daughter Amelia she would need surgery for a heart defect. But they were shocked to find out the problem was worse than doctors thought, and she would need a new heart.

“We see her face and little eyes and she’s such a strong baby to have already been, she’s been intubated three times. She’s had to go on the ventilator. And she’s had two catheterization surgeries which are very risk among themselves,” said Esmeralda.

The baby is at UCLA in Southern California. The couple says they will stay there as Amelia waits for a heart transplant. They don’t know how long the wait will be but are hopeful things will work out.

While the couple will have to stay in California for an unknown amount of time, their bills back in the valley continue. It is why Camp Rhino is holding a fundraiser. The couple has been members for several years and they even got engaged at one of the gyms. There is free drop-in on Saturday at either locations in town for anyone who makes a donation.

“So this Saturday, and actually for the whole next week, anyone can come in and drop-in for free,” said Camp Rhino owner Julie Johnston.

Johnston says people just need to show they donated. People can do so by donating to Esmeralda’s Venmo at EsmeGarcia-07. Or her Zelle with her email,

“We’re just like this community that’s always been together. And now they’re going through this thing and we just want to be there to support them,” said Johnston.

For more information on donating and to read more about the family, just head to

The Garcias say they want to thank all the people who have donated or sent prayers and message of support. They say it helps them be strong right now.