Las Vegas community, law enforcement honors life of Detective Justin Terry

Detective Terry was laid to rest on June 20, 2022.
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 2:32 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The Las Vegas community along with multiple law enforcement agencies honored the life of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Detective Justin Terry Monday with a procession and funeral.

The 21-year LVMPD veteran died while on duty June 10 in a tragic accident on U.S. 95 near Centennial Parkway, when a beam fell onto his car.

Many people showed up to say their final goodbyes to Detective Terry, who had such an impact on the lives of many. Officers, family members and friends gathered outside of the Central Christian Church Monday morning, waiting for the arrival of the procession. People then headed into the church for the funeral and people heard from longtime friends, colleagues and loved ones which included Terry’s oldest son, Sean.

“I owe him for everything that I am today and thankful that he was able to see me grow up and he was able to see my brother recently graduate,” said Sean Terry.

“He always had a smile and would remain the most humble among us despite the fact that he was the most brilliant among us,” said Terry’s friend Sergeant Nick Madsen.

“He was always kind, he was always compassionate, he was always generous, and he was always just impossibly good,” said Madsen. “You would search for the flaws and would always be so frustrated because you could not find one.”

There is one thing Madsen and Sean will miss the most about Terry.

“I will not miss anything more than those big strong hugs he gave wen he said, I will see you later,” said Sean.

“Justin Terry is the best hugger in the history of the world,” said Madsen. “There is no one on earth that hugs like that man does.”

And one thing he regrets not telling him sooner.

“Never in my 21 years did I tell him I love him as if he is my own brother and my life is immeasurably richer from knowing him, in my heart, I know that Justin has known how much I love him and how much everyone else loves him, but I will always regret not making him listen to me say it to his face,” said Madsen.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo also spoke at Monday’s ceremony remembering and honoring the exceptional work he did in the field.

“The men and women in his unit marveled how he spent hours building rapport with a suspect, too much time so, they thought,” said Lombardo. “But then he would walk out of the interview room, shrug and say yea, but I just got a confession.”

Lombardo reminded Terry’s family, his wife and two sons, they are not alone during these tough times.

“You are part of our law enforcement family forever,” said Lombardo.

“Justin my friend, I love you and I will keep you with me always and I would just like to tell you one last time,” said Madsen.

Law agencies from near and far attended the funeral service to pay their respects to detective Terry.