Vegas Justice League adds new members, funds more cold cases in Southern Nevada

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 7:00 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The goal of the new non-profit Vegas Justice League is to bring closure to families in Southern Nevada.

The group gives law enforcement the funds to send DNA from cases that have ran cold to Othram Labs in Texas. The lab uses genealogy to identify a suspect or victim with even the smallest traces of DNA from a crime scene. The lab has already helped solve three cases in the last year.

“Especially being a parent of my own now, and if I don’t have answers to what happened to my children it leaves that hole in your heart,” Penny Chutima said.

Chutima runs the well known Thai restaurant Lotus of Siam. Founder of Vegas Justice League Justin Woo approached Chutima to ask if she’d be interested in being a member, and it was an easy decision for her.

“I can’t speak for the victim’s family, but if that was my situation and if I was able to have someone come and help me,” Chutima said. “I would feel some type of closure.”

Each cold case costs $5,000 to be tested at Othram. Woo said 100% of the funds raised by Vegas Justice League goes to Othram to sponsor the cold cases from local law enforcement.

There are now five members of the Vegas Justice League. The other members are musician Lydia Ansel, real estate broker Craig Tann and aviation entrepreneur Greg Woods.

“As we move through this case log were starting to see people where the families are still here, and they’ve been effected by these crimes,” Woo said. “I’m hoping as we move through this case log, we’ll eventually be able to take criminals off the street.”

The Vegas Justice League also crowd sources to raise money and accepts smaller donations.