Lawyers offer legal guidance in Henderson anti-Biden sticker HOA dispute

A Henderson man dealing with an ongoing HOA dispute over a bumper sticker is getting legal help.
Published: Jun. 3, 2022 at 4:19 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - We have showed you how the HOA of a Henderson neighborhood has told one man he cannot display an anti-Biden bumper sticker on the back of his truck saying it is a nuisance to the neighborhood.

Now, the HOA is saying he can keep the sticker on the truck, but they want him to cover it from the time that he pulls out of his driveway and drives to the front gate which is just feet away from his house.

“Stop worrying about a sticker on a truck when there are other things in the community that they could probably be worried about,” said the homeowner who did not want to be identified.

The frustration continues for Henderson homeowner Chris who did not want to share his last name.

“‘I just want to be left alone,” Chris said. “I feel like I can’t do what I want to do in my own house anymore.”

Chris is now getting some legal guidance.

“I first heard about the story from your reporting and then I had Chris give me a call,” said lawyer for Sam & Ash Injury Law Sam Mirejovsky.

Mirejovsky has been following the HOA bumper sticker dispute and wanted to work with Chris on the case.

“My concern here is I would like to see what they are doing with enforcement in term of other issues and other political speech that occurs in the neighborhood to determine if Chris is being treated unfairly,” Mirejovsky said.

“He has helped me out in so many different ways that I didn’t even know was possible,” Chris said.

Mirejovsky recommended that Chris reduce the size of his original bumper sticker to a smaller one to meet the title 10 property rights and transactions Nevada code that states, “all political signs exhibited must not be larger than 24 inches by 36 inches.”

“In Nevada, in associations, you are allowed to have political signs,” Mirejovsky said. The limit is to its size.”

Along with changing the size of the sticker, Chris has been backing his truck into the driveway and after seeing these changes, the HOA lawyer reached out to Chris over memorial day weekend with a compromise.

“Their exact words were come up with a creative way to make sure it is not seen when I leave my driveway,” Chris said.

“This is absurd and we don’t think this is a compromise at all,” Mirejovsky said.

Mirejovsky has an end goal for Chris.

“Is that they leave him with his one sticker on his truck,” Mirejovsky said. “It satisfies the Nevada law, it is protected by the Nevada law and that he doesn’t get fined.”

Mirejovsky said he will be getting in touch with the HOA lawyer next week to have a conversation about next steps.