A’s consider possible move to Las Vegas

The Oakland A’s continue to consider Las Vegas as a viable option for the organization to call home beginning in the 2025 season. A’s President Dave Kaval said
Published: May. 23, 2022 at 11:15 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The Oakland A’s continue to consider Las Vegas as a viable option for the organization to call home beginning in the 2025 season. A’s President Dave Kaval said new stadium considerations in Oakland and Las Vegas are on “parallel paths”.

“I really think by the end of the year we need to know one way or another,” Kaval said. “Hopefully we’ll get a sense this summer in Oakland with some of the votes. Hopefully we’ll be able to make an announcement in Las Vegas on a site soon and we can start a conversation with the community about how to bring that to a reality.”

The A’s are currently trying to get a new stadium in Oakland at the Howard Terminal site at the Port of Oakland as part of a $12 billion dollar project that would include the baseball stadium, condominiums, plus retail and office space. With hundreds of millions of dollars of public funding being negotiated, that deal is currently caught up in political red tape.

“At the end of the day it’s going to come down to the public policy makers, if they decide if our vision fits with the future of Oakland and the Bay Area.,” Kaval said. “We just want to have that vote.”

While the A’s wait to see what happens in Oakland, Major League Baseball has given the organization permission to seek a new home in another city. The A’s started focusing on Las Vegas about a year ago and have never looked at another city as part of the process.

“I think the strength of the local market in terms of the fans and the passion for sports is really incredible,” Kaval said. “I saw it going to the Golden Knights games, the Aviators, the Raiders. There’s just so many passionate sports fans in Las Vegas. Not even the tourists, just the people that live there. I know that’s a surprise for some folks and for us it was something that’s exciting to see.”

The A’s have narrowed down their stadium search in Las Vegas to two undisclosed sites and plan on making a formal announcement on a location with stadium renderings sometime in the next few weeks.

“We really like the resort corridor because we think it appeals to not only tourists who can come from the casinos or staying at the resorts, but also the locals,” Kaval said. “That they can get there and it creates the right balance between the two. So it’s got to be easy for locals to get in and out, easy for tourists and I think that’s the perfect goldilocks site if we can find it.”

Both the state legislature and some members of the Clark County Commission have publicly said they were not interested in any public funding for a baseball stadium. Kaval said he is aware of those statements and that the organization will wait until after a site is picked before entering into serious talks about any type of public/private partnership in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is currently the home of the A’s AAA team and Kaval believes that even if the A’s come to town, there would still be the ability for the market to sustain both a major and minor league team.

“We think so,” Kaval said. “We think they can be very symbiotic and complimentary. It would be exciting for fans to see the Triple-A players and then boom head to the major league club. So I think it can be a real positive.”

As for the Oakland deal, there is a vote scheduled on June 30 by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission to remove the port designation which would allow the development project to proceed. The A’s and City of Oakland also have to come to terms on a development agreement and have it passed by the city council.

There are several hurdles in both Oakland and Las Vegas, but this summer should bring a lot of answers as to where the A’s ultimately end up.