HOA Bumper sticker dispute heats up for one local resident, neighbors

HOA says his bumper stickers and flags are not allowed.
Published: May. 20, 2022 at 5:17 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - On Tuesday, May 17 we showed you how one man said he will be fined by his HOA for having an anit-Biden bumper sticker that is placed on the back of his truck.

The dispute continues in the south valley neighborhood near Las Vegas boulevard and Windmill over the bumper sticker. The HOA said it is a nuisance to the neighborhood and that he must remove it.

Some neighbors said it bothers them, while others, not so much.

“I feel they have gone a little too far by telling you what you can put on your vehicle,” said resident Bryan Dargie.

“I just feel it is kind of out of place,” said a resident who wanted to remain anonymous. “I think it is not for the community.”

The bumper sticker that reads “Let’s go Brandon” is what is placed on the back of resident Chris’ truck.

The HOA said the sticker is offensive and a violation of their bylaws that states “no noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried upon any lot nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.”

Some neighbors agree..

“I think we deal with a very harsh homeowners association here and they do want to keep the place looking respectful and nice and that truck since it has been here has been a bit of a nuisance really,” said a resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

For Chris, he feels it violates his freedom of speech..

“It makes me feel upset,’ Chris said. “I am a veteran. I did take an oath to this country. I believe freedom of speech should be everywhere.”

Chris was given a notice from the lawyer that represents his HOA saying he would have to pay $100 every Friday if he didn’t remove the sticker.

“I have not been fined,” Chris said. “I did end up taking the tailgate off and I back the truck backwards the entire time.”

FOX5 reached out to the lawyer to try and understand why and he referred us to the Henderson Police Department who sent this statement in part quote:

“I can confirm there has been no communication through our office (PIO) regarding the matter, and based on the information you provided, this is a civil matter between parties, not a criminal matter.”

After making calls to the president of the HOA to try and get answers and getting no response, FOX5 went to her house and knocked on her door and still no response.

The owner of Nevada’s finest properties who manages 42 HOA’s shared with me what she thinks about the issue.

“The problem is you have to be able to find a nuisance. A note, or sound of something,” said owner of Nevada’s finest properties Amy Groves. “A bumper sticker with no bad words is not offensive. It is not a nuisance.”

Neighbors and Chris feel it is time to have some kind of compromise…

I am hoping it calms down,” said Dargie. “Maybe there needs to be a toning back from both sides. I don’t know.”

“If we can both be happy at the same time, still respect my freedom of speech, but also respect their community,” Chris said.