Las Vegas dispensary covers child care costs of employees amid inflation

Subsidies offered for overall wellness and retention of employees.
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 7:41 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Marijuana dispensary Cultivate Las Vegas is leading the effort of bringing more diversity, equity and representation into the cannabis industry, and they’re doing so by catering to their employee’s needs:

Cultivate Las Vegas is one of a growing number of businesses to offer a childcare subsidy for their staff members.

The subsidy is helping the business retain employees in an otherwise tight labor market. One woman who works as a supervisor at Cultivate said recent inflation caused her three-year-old daughter’s daycare costs to rise by $60 dollars per month.

“I have to pay at least $800 a month for childcare -- which is a lot!” said Jenay Rodriguez, supervisor at Cultivate Las Vegas.

Rodriguez said that she is grateful she does not have to worry about absorbing that cost.

“We understood it was a big burden for our staff, so we do our best to try and do something to off-set it,” said Matt McClure, General Manager of Cultivate Las Vegas. “It does give us the opportunity to retain some of the best talent, which we have in this building.”

Rodriguez has worked at Cultivate for more than three and a half years, and has no plans of stopping.

“I started here, and hopefully I’m gonna be here forever,” said Rodriguez. “I would come here on my day off just to see them. I come here early, just to hang out.”

McClure said the pandemic demonstrated a need for holistic support offerings for colleagues. As such, they also offer tuition reimbursement and healthcare coverage to their employees.

“The idea of offering something like this that is only gonna make their lives better, it’s an expense we’re always gonna be happy to afford, and hopefully everybody else will be too,” McClure said.

He added, “If anything, I’d love to get every operator together and figure out how we run our own daycare, I think it’s the only way we make it more efficient and more effective.”

A’Esha Goins, the Chair of Equity and Inclusion on the state’s Cannabis Advisory Commission, told FOX5 in a phone interview Wednesday that actions like these by local cannabis businesses will help to bridge financial gaps and create a more inclusive and diverse cannabis industry in the Silver State.