‘Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers,’ ad sign posted outside Las Vegas strip club

A sign is turning heads outside Little Darlings Las Vegas strip club and the manager stands behind it.
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 5:53 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A sign is turning heads outside Little Darlings Las Vegas strip club and the manager stands behind it.

Little Darlings is known to post catchy and sometimes controversial ads outside the strip club near I-15 and Charleston Boulevard.

In 2015, FOX5 covered a story where they posted ‘Now auditioning the class of 2015.’

One of the club managers, Pete Dottore, said their creative team brainstorms ideas and there’s really no limit.

“It’s more of how far can we go?,” Dottore said.

For at least two weeks, hundreds of thousands of drivers pass by the the sign that now says ‘Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers’ with the Ukrainian flag in the background.

Dottore, says they haven’t gotten bad reaction from it- if anything the sign caught the attention of three Ukrainian dancers and he’s hired one.

FOX5 asked if the sign was going too far.

“No cause we’re standing by them, it’s not any derogatory towards them so we feel like if we can help out in any way that’s the best way we can do it is maybe help put someone to work,” Dottore said.

Vegas local and business owner herself, Mary Grace Yniguez says she understands what they’re doing but doesn’t agree with the execution.

“As a woman of color, like someone who’s Asian and as a woman – I think it hits me like well why aren’t there other alternatives?,” Yniguez said.

She says there are so many ways to make money, why not offer an alternative.

“Why couldn’t we offer an executive position within Little Darlings -why couldn’t we offer her a management position,” Yniguez said.

Yniguez owns Social Register Network, a business development service that aims to empower men and women in business.

“It’s that platform to really give you the support, the community but also amplify your voice. If you have a dream if you have a change whatever it is- this is that platform for you,” Yniguez said.

On the side, her and her bestfriend launched Powertribe Women, a group that meets once a month that creates a space of support.

“There are so many other alternatives to make money, to pay for your life and that isn’t the only alternative. And I think instilling confidence and empowering women that you can do more than that is of importance,” Yniguez said.

As for the sign Dottore said they’re not sure when they’ll change the ad. He does not think it exploits Ukrainian refugee women.

“It’s a job - we don’t exploit women if anything we exploit men,” Dottore said.