Las Vegas delivery drivers see steep declines in tips since gas prices spiked

Delivery drivers for restaurants and groceries are seeing a similar trend as gas prices surged: tips have gone down, sometimes significantly, or even disappeare
Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 10:06 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -Delivery drivers for restaurants and groceries are seeing a similar trend as gas prices surged: tips have gone down, sometimes significantly, or even disappeared.

It’s a trend seen nationwide as Americans struggle with inflation. Nevada ranks third in the country for gas prices.

“As gas prices went up, tipping went down. It’s kind of been harder,” said Diana Neagu, a driver in Las Vegas who works part-time for Doordash. “It feels very frustrating. When I get in my car all of a sudden, I’m almost out of gas and I barely have any money for the next tank of gas,” she said.

A post reminding neighbors to tip garnered hundreds of comments on NextDoor:

“Hey y’all. I seemed to have noticed that not many people are tipping as well as they should be ... Please be aware that most dashers will not accept offers that have zero or very low tip and base pay, that is inappropriate to the effort and drive depending on distance and complication of order. Remember that gas prices are high, so if you cannot afford a couple or few dollars tip, then you cannot afford Doordash,” she wrote.

Doordash released the following statement:

“We work hard to provide Dashers with transparency and a clear understanding of their earnings: Dashers are shown a guaranteed minimum amount they will earn for completing a delivery before they even accept the delivery, as well as the location and name of the restaurant, and estimated total mileage for the delivery. After a Dasher completes a delivery, they can see their full earnings breakdown in their Dasher app, including promotions, incentives, and 100% of their tips. We want Dashers to have as much information as possible to decide if they want to accept an order. Dashers are always free to decline any order.”

Company Grubhub created a guide online to help customers understand tip etiquette.

“Our drivers are a top priority for us, and tipping allows diners to show appreciation for the hard work that goes into delivering every order. That’s why we give diners the opportunity to easily add a tip at checkout, and we encourage consumers to tip 20 percent for meals that arrive on time and as ordered. We also encourage more generous tips for drivers who deliver large orders, have to drive or travel in inclement weather, or have to climb a few flights of stairs.”

Instacart created a function to help drivers amidst a tactic called “tip-baiting,” luring a driver to fulfill an order with a generous tip, then ultimately paying zero dollars despite any order issues.

“If a customer zeroes out their tip without reporting an issue with their order, we’ll protect the shopper by covering the amount of the tip that the customer removed, up to $10. This will apply to any tip that a customer zeroes out after delivery without reporting an associated issue with the order. While having a tip removed after delivery is exceedingly rare, we know that it’s disappointing when it happens, and we want to ensure we have shoppers’ backs in this case. In addition to the new tip protection offering, we’ve invested in more ways to encourage tips and make them easier for shoppers to access.”