Nevada could conduct the nation’s first 2024 Democratic Presidential Nominating Contest

Literature from a Nevada coalition lobbying for the silver state to hold the first democratic...
Literature from a Nevada coalition lobbying for the silver state to hold the first democratic presidential primary in 2024(Terri Russell)
Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 4:49 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Nevada’s Democratic Presidential Caucuses have always been met with mixed reaction. But since 2008 it was not lost on anyone; we were a big deal. Nevada was the first in the west to state our preference, and more than not that preference would be the nominee.

With that reputation, democratic leaders in our state are lobbying for Nevada to hold the first Democratic Presidential Nominating Contest in 2024.

“We all know that Nevada deserves and has earned our place in being in this early window,” says Artie Blanco, a Nevada representative on the DNC Rules Committee.

Last year’s legislature created a Presidential Primary to the first Tuesday in February--shelving the caucus and showing the DNC, the state was serious and wanted to continue being a major player.

The same rules would apply as with any other election here with mail-in ballots, same day registration, and automatic voter registration.

Political Science Professor Fred Lokken says the DNC has to thread the needle. They don’t want to upset states who have traditionally been in the front of the line. But they do need states which will reflect a wide variety of voters and issues.

“If we join New Hampshire and maybe two or three other states who decide to be moved up, maybe this is the new strategy of the democrats,” says Lokken. “Don’t allow it to be just one state at a time, get kind of that regional or at least a group of states to kind of streamline this to the candidates. Then that could be a win-win for us and still maintain some of the traditions of the party,” he says.

Lokken says for Nevada residents being first in a presidential nominating contest means their concerns and preference will seriously be considered. Being third in line right now he says is not a bad place to be. And the money spent here prior to the premiere contest should not be ignored.

All of which are selling points made by the Nevada Democratic Coalition.

Will their efforts pay off?

Blanco says we’ll have a final decision in August.

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