CCSD safety changes to begin as students, staff return from Spring Break

Safety is top of mind as students and teachers return to class.
Published: Apr. 18, 2022 at 9:37 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Tuesday, Clark County School District students and staff return from Spring Break. After several violent incidents in schools, Tuesday will mark the beginning of new district wide safety measures. Monday night, parents received a message from Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara:

Hi, this is Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara. As students return to the classroom following Spring Break, I want to remind parents that CCSD schools are a safe space for learning, and we must work together to ensure our students and staff are safe at school. I am reaching out today to let families know that violence will not be tolerated on our campuses.

Fortunately, most of our students have not experienced the violence and bullying we see reported in the news. But recent headlines show how the actions of a small number of students can have a tremendous impact on our larger community. This isn’t just a CCSD problem; it is a community problem and a nationwide problem. What is happening in our schools mirrors what is happening in our communities.

Children need their parents and guardians to support them and encourage healthy ways of dealing with their emotions. Our children watch, listen, and adopt the examples we show them. Please talk to your children, be involved in their lives, and show you care.

I have asked our principals to discuss and reiterate the CCSD Student Code of Conduct and the consequences for violating it. Which include battery against students or staff, violent acts, or drug distribution.

The consequences of violating the Code of Conduct will have their most significant impact on students, and parents will be involved if their child violates these conduct expectations. You can review the student Code of Conduct by going to

Please take the time to talk to your children and remind them that violence will not be tolerated on our campuses.

The changes come after a violent attack on an Eldorado Highs School teacher in her classroom on April 7. The teacher was alone in her classroom after school when a 16-year-old student came in and sexually assaulted her and tried to kill her.

“I heard from her today. She is now at home. She has been eager to be at home to start recovering… this was a very traumatic event,” said CCEA President Marie Neisess.

Neisess said the teacher who was attacked wants change.

“She has been concerned about the safety of her colleagues... She wanted to see that they… ensure that there is enough staff in the hallways, to make sure students leave the campus and don’t re-enter through side doors and things like that,” Neisess said.

Neisess said the district has assured her that change is coming.

“The first thing… the principal will be meeting with staff to go over some of the changes that were made while they were on break regarding entering the campus as well as dismissal time,” Neisess said. “There is a new system in place to make sure that anyone who comes on campus has permission to do so and students are not allowed to go into teacher’s classroom’s individually without checking through the office first,” Neisess said.

At a news conference last week, the district promised to update and fix broken cameras in schools and upgrade their existing intercom system to add panic buttons in every classroom.

“Eldorado is the top priority in getting those systems in place and then from that they will roll them out to the other high schools based on data with situations that have happened on their campuses,” Neisess said.

Neisess said the immediate changes won’t amount to an overnight fix. She said for years, the district hasn’t had the funding it needs to hire enough staff.

“We don’t have enough adults on campuses, we don’t have enough campus monitors, we don’t have enough social workers and counselors… we need resources,” Neisess said.

Also expect to see an increased police presence at schools as they reopen. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Henderson PD and North Las Vegas PD have all pledged increased manpower through the end of the school year.