Parking at a price in the Arts District, on-street parking meters installed this month

The City of Las Vegas is working to make parking in the Arts District easier.
Published: Apr. 6, 2022 at 11:19 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Parking in the Arts District will soon cost you, the City of Las Vegas has added several new surface lots, and on-street parking meters will be installed later this month.

Wednesday morning Brandy Stanley, Parking Services Manager, addressed Las Vegas City Councilmembers with an update on short term and long term changes to help improve parking in the Arts District.

Stanley said the original plan that was drafted pre-COVID-19 was thrown out since so many more businesses have opened.

During her presentation she shared that the city has added 500 parking spaces in new lots within the past three years. Just in the last three months, seven surface lots have opened.

The most recent lot opened last week, located at 201 East Utah on the corner of Utah and Casino Center Boulevard. Not far down, 1315 South Casino Center Boulevard opened three weeks ago.

An hour will cost you $1.50, daily rates start at $7.50. It could cost residents and employees $10 per month, if the employer or building owner paid.

The City of Las Vegas released a map showing where parking lots can be located. The pink and green lines represent where on-street parking meters will be installed later this month.

Parking in the Arts District could cost more.
Parking in the Arts District could cost more.(FOX5)

Pedro Estala, Kitchen Operator at Davy’s + ReBar off Main Street, said parking is a real struggle.

“Especially with the construction going on right now my employers take forever to find parking. Sometime they have to come to work like 30 minutes earlier so they can be here on time,” Estala said.

They do have a parking lot behind the their two establishments, but that only goes so far with 20 passes.

He’s not fond of the on-street meters, but does think a $10 monthly pass is reasonable.

“I think that’s totally worth it. I mean $10 is not bad you know. I mean I think that’s a great idea like I said especially for the employees because right now it is kind of like a struggle,” Estala said.