Growing Ukrainian camps on U.S. border get help from Las Vegas locals

Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 9:44 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -A camp of Ukrainian refugees is growing in size along the U.S.-Mexico border, and Las Vegas locals traveled to lend a hand in aiding the camps with supply distribution and translation.

“It’s been hectic. They just need like maybe a blanket to sit on, a chair to sit on. They just need to stay warm, and you know, get some hot food inside of them and medication,” said Nina Naydenova of Las Vegas, who is Russian. She said the chilly weather caused some people to get colds, coughs and ear infections She helped obtain medicines from current supplies or even a local pharmacies.

According to reports, the camp has grown from the low hundreds to more than a thousand people as of Monday, April 4.

“The majority of the Ukrainian refugees, they speak Russian. So that’s how we communicate. A lot of people don’t speak English,” Naydenova said, which poses a challenge for the refugees fleeing into multiple countries.

Naydenova said some refugees started their journey from Ukraine a month ago, traveling across the border into Poland, then multiple European countries, and finally coming to Mexico without the need for a Visa. Many hope to meet their Ukrainian relatives on the other side of the border, and hope to travel with them to different U.S. states.

President Joe Biden is allowing 100,000 refugees to enter into the U.S.

“It just breaks my heart, because I don’t think anyone should be in a situation like this, especially being forced to flee and leave everything behind your pets, your homes, your businesses, just everything. Ukraine is just such a beautiful country and so rich in culture and people are so wonderful, and just to know that they’ve been attacked for no reason. It just hurts my, my feelings and my heart,” Naydenova said.

Naydenova will travel back to the border to aid the refugees. You can track her GoFundMe here: Pls help Ukrainian refugees at the Mexican border

To contact Naydenova with assisting refugees relocating to Las Vegas and aiding with supplies and rehoming, contact her via Facebook here: Ukrainians in Las Vegas