Las Vegas discount clothing store helping people during inflation

With higher prices for goods and gas, a Vegas discount clothing store is holding a sidewalk sale and giveaway every weekend.
Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 5:47 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - With higher prices for goods and gas, a Vegas discount clothing store is holding a sidewalk sale and giveaway every weekend.

Gems 4U Discount Clothing Store is on the corner of Rancho Drive and Charleston. This weekend they kicked off their sidewalk sale and donated clothing to the homeless for free.

Vanessa Williams is an assistant manager of the store.

“It is run through our nonprofit, so we are able to sell discounted items at very low prices. A lot of our items we donate for very low prices or for free especially to our homeless,” Williams said.

Williams said it’s important to help during these times.

“Well with everything going up you know prices are high, gas prices, everything right, people still want to be able to shop locally to where they can afford things so it’s our passion to really help our community. Help people of you know low income to know they have somewhere they can get good quality clothing for low prices,” Williams said.

All the proceeds from the store go toward a youth job training program made possible by United Way of Southern Nevada.

“We have transitional housing for the kids who are in a step up program. Kids who are aged out of foster care, ages 18-21 you know they don’t have anywhere to go so we’re able to provide transitional housing, resources so they come here they get job skills, training, and all of the proceeds go to fund that program,” Williams said.

Sunday was the second day La Toya Tatum went to shop at Gems 4U.

“I’m shopping at the mom and pop places, places that I didn’t normally before, but I’m shopping now,” Tatum said.

She said she’s looking for bargains during this time and it’s not just clothes.

“I mean as far as even food when you go to the grocery store you’re now not just going to Smith’s or your favorite place you got to go everywhere because they’re doing competitive pricing,” Tatum said.

Gems 4U is looking for volunteers to help with donations and time.

They plan to hold this sidewalk sale and giveaway every Saturday and Sunday.

“So this is where we’re really able to give away a lot of clothes out to those that are homeless, those who are leaving hospitals they may not have clothes, kids who are in foster care as well we have a lot of people that come and just try to help,” Williams said.

To offer donations or volunteer time you can the store here.