Secret of Siam’s curry distributor breaks silence: ‘We do not open’ product, HT Foods says

California based HT Foods Inc. denies involvement: "We do not open" product
Published: Mar. 30, 2022 at 6:58 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - After dozens of patrons were sickened from the curry dishes at Secret of Siam, the third-party distributor that supplies the green and panang curry ingredients to the Centennial Hills Thai restaurant spoke out about the allegations.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said the restaurant itself is not to blame for the contamination. Their Office of Public Information said “it seems the contamination came from tainted ingredients purchased through a third party.”

The Southern Nevada Health District listed HT Foods as one of third party vendors. The office manager with HT Foods, which is located in southern California discussed the allegations surrounding their ingredients.

“Do you supply Panang and green curry to Secret of Siam?” we asked.

“We do. Yes. We do distribution only,” said Lucy Ly, office manager at HT Foods Inc., She said, “I’m sure it’s not from us... We do not open the box or container that has been sealed.”

She said HT Foods gets their curry products from a manufacturer in Thailand.

“We are not the importers. Importer is another company. We just get the product imported from the importer, and we sell to restaurant... If it happened, then it might be from the source, or when they opened it, I mean like, when they process or when they cooked the food, we don’t know,” said Ly. “We distribute the sealed container of spices to them.”

She continued, “Many Thai restaurants in Las Vegas order from us too. I don’t know if it’s happened to other Thai restaurants in Las Vegas, but, this is the very first time that we heard -- at Secret of Siam only.”

We asked how many other Thai restaurants in Las Vegas they distribute to, she said around 80.

Ly said they plan to continue distributing these spices; she said HT Foods has not had any other complaints from other restaurants that they supply for, and has not heard of any other cases where patrons were sickened.

She also said that HT Foods has no plans of stopping business with the Thai curry manufacturer.

Neither the police nor the FBI have reached out to them, said Ly, only a Southern Nevada Health District employee.

A report from Metro shows the test results of several patrons of Secret of Siam last month came back positive for THC.

One sickened patron who thought she was having a stroke after eating the curry there, Hilary Vandenkooy, told us that her ER doctors said her breathing had slowed so much, they had to revive it using smelling salts.

She said the Metro detective told her there was thousands of dollars worth of THC in the food.