Speed camera controversy: Residents of southwest Las Vegas community debate over tickets for speeding

Rhodes Ranch community installs speed cameras to deter speeding for residents and their guests.
Updated: Mar. 28, 2022 at 9:36 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -A measure to crack down on speeding and reckless driving is causing plenty of debate among residents of Rhodes Ranch, bringing both praise and outrage.

According to the Rhodes Ranch Association, “The lowest fine amount is $100.00 and increases for speeding violations that far exceed the 25 mph limit.” Those speeding 51 miles per hour and over can face fees upwards of $1,000 or more, according to a fine schedule.

The fines apply to residents and their guests; homeowners receive a fee if their guests violate a speed limit, according to residents. The measure does not apply to delivery drivers, according to the association.

Some residents back the measure. “I like the cameras, you should only have worries if you do not wish to follow the speed limits and stop at stop signs,” one resident wrote on a Facebook page for neighbors. Another wrote, “If people have guests that have been told not to speed and still do it then they need to be removed and never enter RR again.”

Long-time resident Chad Moore spoke to FOX5 on behalf of some residents who oppose the measure, and said they were blind-sided by the installation. “We did feel as though again, our input was not taken into consideration. We’re all pretty much on pins and needles, we’ve gotten to a point now where we’re having to communicate to our guests prior to about the speed limit stop signs. This feels as though it’s complete overreach,” Moore said.

“It’s gotten many of us to not want to have guests over because of the excessive fines for that are placed in front of us.. it’s a revenue generator, and we are totally against that,” he said.

In speaking with several residents, other concerns range from effectiveness or safety of the measure, privacy concerns, costs, and consideration of other measures of deterrence such as stop signs and speed bumps.

In conversations with several residents, some mentioned fear of identifying themselves due to concerns over backlash and retaliation, or an inability to speak out.

The Rhodes Ranch Association sent FOX5 the following statement:

The two speed cameras were installed near each of the main entrances of the community. These are the most high traffic areas and also the areas where speeding occurs regularly.

Speeding has been a persistent problem for years in the Rhodes Ranch community. As to the speeding cameras, they were installed about the beginning of this month to try and minimize the speeding and make the community safer for pedestrians and other drivers. The Association notified the entire community in numerous ways (community e-blast, newsletter, board meetings, entrance marquee, etc.) before installing the speed cameras.

The Association is a non-profit corporation. It does not generate profits. Whatever revenue that is generated for the Association goes into the operating account.

The Association does fine owners for speeding violations committed by an owner’s guests and family... The reasoning is that speeding, no matter who committed by, is a risk created by anyone who speeds, and, for guests, owners are in a position to convey to their guests to be aware of speeding signs and limits.

The project cost to install both speed cameras and all related components and software systems was about $24,000.00. The speed cameras were just installed this month. Also, the Association has not yet started issuing speeding violation notices from any data captured on the cameras. The Association will be able to determine the effectiveness of the speeding cameras in the future once they are in use for more time. As to the other means of speeding enforcement, there are still many vehicles that are found to be speeding through the community. However, the Board sees that residents are becoming more aware of the speeding rules and compliance has been improving.

Stop signs are installed at intersections as was required during the development of the Rhodes Ranch community. Speed bumps have been discussed as an option. It is known that the developer did not initially install them due to concerns with slowing of emergency vehicles that may need access from time to time. Nevertheless, the Association, in conjunction with certain committees, has discussed the installation of speed bumps.

The Association Board of Directors does not believe that Rhodes Ranch is less inviting a place to live or that residents are on “pins and needles” due to its speeding enforcement efforts. Aside from the views of those that may express their opposition on-line or other social media sites, the feedback that the Board receives on these efforts are mostly positive.

The Association Board does not retaliate against anyone. The Association takes its duties and responsibilities seriously and works as best it can and in good faith to make the best decisions for the community. Whatever unspecified grievance owners may have, this Board would ask that owners work with this Board at HOA meetings and bring these issues to the Board’s attention so that it can work in good faith to resolve those things.