Culinary Union claims some Las Vegas Strip hotels are breaking daily room cleaning law

Culinary Union say some members claim some strip hotels blatantly disregard this law
Published: Mar. 24, 2022 at 7:19 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - By law, Las Vegas hotels must provide daily housekeeping service to occupied rooms unless they decline. It comes from a mandate that went into effect during the height of the pandemic, in October of 2020, after lawmakers passed Senate Bill 4.

But some Las Vegas Strip hotels are being accused of breaking this law to cut costs.

“We are being told that guests are being told that you won’t have daily room cleaning at times,” said Culinary Union 226 President Ted Pappageorge. “And that is what is leading to a reduction in the workforce.”

When he signed it, Governor Steve Sisolak said, “This bill not only protects Nevadans who work in the industry and those who manage the industry, but it helps Nevada as a whole.”

But Pappageorge said several of their members claim seeing Strip hotels blatantly disregard this law.

“There’s incidents throughout the Strip,” he said. “Looks simply like a cash grab and profit grab by these very large massive hospitality companies.”

We’ve been reaching out to the company that manages the hotels receiving complaints, asking for a response to these claims, but our requests have been ignored.

The Southern Nevada Health District, however, responded to our inquiry about their investigation to it. They referred to it as SB386, since that is what the daily cleaning regulation fell under.

They said, “The SNHD received complaints submitted by the Culinary Union. The health district’s Environmental Health Division investigated the complaints and inspectors found the properties were in compliance with the requirements of SB386. An additional complaint was received for another location. The complaint was found to be valid and the property corrected the violation; it is now in compliance with SB386.”

You may remember, as FOX5 reported, the Culinary Union held a rally Jan. 27 to call on the district to investigate.

“We understand that we have to clean these rooms to keep this COVID down, but if we’re not able to do it that’s not a good thing,” said Diana Thomas, a guest room attendant on the Strip.

Pappageorge said they are still in the process of gathering information and presenting it to the health district.

“Our members have told us they’re not going to accept this, and we’re not going to accept this, and we’re going to fight back,” said Pappageorge.