24 handguns reportedly confiscated within CCSD this school year, but where exactly? Parents, staff demand answers

Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 8:12 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - At the request of parents, Clark County School District updated and published a firearms confiscation report to their website showing data from August through last Wednesday.

Amid intensifying violence at CCSD schools, parents and staff said they are concerned that the data is missing one glaring detail: the locations of such confiscations.

“Parents have a right to know if there are repeat offenses at a school,” said Shannen Dubose, a mother of two CCSD students.

The report reveals that since the start of the school year in August of 2021 through March 16, 2022, there were 24 handguns confiscated, one long gun and 25 air guns, also referred to as BB guns. The data is classified by elementary, middle or high school, but not by school name or district.

“The way it’s broken down makes it really hard for a parent to tell, ‘Is this actually an issue at my child’s school? Or is this something happening 25 miles away?’” said Rebecca Garcia, Nevada PTA President and admin of the Facebook group CCSD Parents.

FOX5 asked the CCSD’s Communications Office Monday why the locations were omitted and if there are plans to add this identifier in the future. As of this article’s publishing date, the office has yet to respond.

“We get bits and pieces that are shared in ways that are hard to really get a current, accurate picture of what’s happening, because the question is, ‘Is this happening at my child’s school, and what’s being done to address it?’” Garcia said.

Dubose said she plans on removing her students from the district due to issues like this with transparency.

“I half-wondered if that’s why they didn’t disclose this, if they don’t want to showcase that there is a problem school,” said Dubose.

A spokesperson for the CCSD police department said it has only been in the last week or so that more people have taken an interest into where guns were confiscated in the district.

He also pointed out that school principals aren’t required to disclose to parents when a gun is confiscated, so he surmised that a small percentage of them might not be actually notifying families of it.

However, that spokesperson also said he was unable to provide official comment about this topic, and instead pointed us to the CCSD Communications Office.

Meanwhile, Garcia said now is a good time to remind parents of the importance of securing all firearms and weapons.

“Yes, CCSD has a responsibility when it comes to safety and school violence, but we as a community, and as parents, also need to make sure that we’re having conversations with our kids, that we’re keeping our homes safe, and that weapons from our homes aren’t able to make it to a school campus, ever,” Garcia said.

Starting this school year, Clark County schools began including flyers in student registration materials that discuss the importance of safely securing any firearms at home.

As of 2019, CCSD police officers use K9 dogs to sniff out guns in schools.

FOX5 will continue to analyze what impacts these actions appear to have had on the overall issue.