Former CCSD Dean says at-home visits can be helpful

Updated: Mar. 21, 2022 at 12:54 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A former Clark County School District teacher and dean talked about the value of bringing back home visits after CCSD trustees approved expanding a program to decrease violence.

For seven years, Eddie Garcia worked as a dean of students at Morris Behavior School. CCSD closed that school in 2016, but while Garcia was there, he used to conduct at-home visits of unruly students with CCSD police officers.

“For me when I did some of these home visits it was just mind boggling to see how some of these kids were…just their home environment. When you go in there and see a family of five in a one-bedroom home, you gain so much compassion, you see the kids in a completely different light,” Garcia said.

Garcia said extra attention outside of school goes a long way.

“When they see us take time and interest to see how they’re doing they tend to feel when they come to school and they see a familiar face, not just the person who’s there to give them discipline or what have you, they’re more likely to have better behavior,” Garcia said.

Garcia said the students saw they took an interest in their life.

“They’re like oh wow you know they came and then not only that word of mouth the student would go and tell a lot of other kids same exact thing- wow they came to my house and some of them don’t want that visit so they’re more likely to behave or be at school as well,” Garcia said.

At that time the home visits were not part of a program. But most recently CCSD trustees approved a newly expanded home visit outreach program called Prevention Before Apprehension.

Garcia is in favor of bringing it back. He feels the school system needs a reset. His daughter is currently a teacher at CCSD. He said school violence is not an isolated incident- but widespread.

“First we have to get the discipline taken care of then we can get the academics,” Garcia said.