As Las Vegas Valley heats up, exterminators busy with scorpion calls

Updated: Mar. 16, 2022 at 10:43 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - As the days begin to heat up, so does business for local exterminators. Scorpion calls are keeping them busy. They go out at nightfall with backlights to find the creatures in people’s yards and homes.

After Red Rock Pest Control sprayed, an unwelcome guest emerged from its hiding spot near the pool in Summerlin West backyard. The homeowner, Daniel McMullen, called pest control when his wife spotted the creeper crawlers in their home including one in a bedroom.

“We have a small dog and we are certainly concerned about what a scorpion can do to a dog and so we decided to do something immediately,” McMullen shared.

Mike Holly, owner of Red Rock Pest Control, has been killing scorpions in the Vegas Valley for 20 years and says there numbers are up.

“We usually had pockets so we knew pretty much when people would call for scorpions, I mean we could kind of guess where they were in town but now there is not a spot in town that we haven’t addressed scorpions,” Holly explained.

Once the sun goes down, technicians use blacklights to look for problem areas. The scorpions glow bright blue under the lights.

“We are getting warmer this time of year and as you can tell right now (evening) we start to get a little cooler so they are going to want to go and get some shelter because they can’t handle lower temperatures so they come to homes, they come to block walls that have had sunlight all day,” Holly stated.

They don’t usually nest in groups so if you find one don’t be alarmed. Infestation is uncommon but it does happen.

“In Lake Las Vegas, we had a customer back in about 2012 that one night we pulled 75 scorpions from her property,” said Holly. Overall, they ended up find 200+ at that one home.

Pest control said when a yard and home are well maintained and there isn’t a lot of hiding spots, scorpions are less frequent. When Holly checked a nearby common area to the home, he uncovered a treasure trove.

Scorpions are not native to the Las Vegas area. They are thought to be brought in through trees and other landscaping.

Holly says being bit is worse than a bee sting but he has never heard of it being deadly in the Las Vegas Valley.