Desert Oasis High School parents address school violence in meeting with admins

Published: Mar. 17, 2022 at 12:04 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - Cars flooded the parking lot at Desert Oasis High School Wednesday, March 16 for a parent meeting on campus. Every other month this school year there’s been parent run safety meetings, but Wednesday gathered a lot more interest.

“Last week’s events make this a big deal,” parent Cherish Morgan said. “It has to stop. Like right now.”

March 9 there was a several hour campus lockdown following a report of a gun on campus. The following day another lockdown was triggered from a fight on campus. A parent and student were arrested and nine other students received citations, according to Clark County School District police.

“I wouldn’t say there’s more fights than there’s always been, it’s just now there isn’t discipline to stop it,” Morgan said.

Prior to the pandemic, the school district implemented what’s called restorative justice. The idea promotes behavioral intervention over punishments like suspensions. Parents like Morgan said it’s a good idea, but the resources, like staff and training, haven’t been there.

“CCSD isn’t providing the resources therefore the schools can’t implement it properly,” Morgan said.

Morgan and other parents said the punishment for students are not enough. For example, the students in last week’s fight are already back to school.

Morgan said there was another fight off campus, but during school hours, Wednesday afternoon.

“It has been addressed. It will continue to be addressed on how we get the kids to go to school, stay in class and learn during instruction,” Morgan said.

Morgan’s daughter is a junior at Desert Oasis. Morgan set the agenda for the parent led meeting focused on safety. Following the hours long meeting, Morgan said she was surprised that the meeting was led by administrators. Over the course of the meeting, parents were given the opportunity to speak their mind. At times it got testy and about half way through a number of parents left, according to Morgan.

In the meeting, administrators said there will be new communication following a lockdown. They said it would include quicker notifications to parents and the notifying will be down from one point person.

However, Morgan said there was less progress than she hoped for. There will likely be another parent meeting on the topic before the school year ends.