Las Vegas mom wants to find, thank teen who returned wallet

If you've ever lost your wallet, then you know how what a pain it is to replace what’s inside.
Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 4:56 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- If you’ve ever lost your wallet, then you know how what a pain it is to replace what’s inside. Identification card, credit cards and the let’s not mention the cash inside -- it’s a headache.

Imagine the relief a Las Vegas mom felt when her missing wallet mysteriously appeared at her front door.

Nancy Nelson took her 9-month-old daughter with her to the movies. At some point, little Adelaide knocked mom’s purse over, but it wasn’t until they got home that Nelson realized her wallet was gone.

“We searched the car,” said Nelson. “I went to the theatre and searched behind the chairs and in the chair and all around the area where we’d been sitting.”

Unfortunately, she never found her wallet.

“There was a part of me that really thought that it had really gotten thrown away or someone had stolen it,” said Nelson.

That was until she walked out of her front door Monday morning. There it was, and along with her wallet was a note that read, “We found your wallet at the movie theatre. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Stunned and relieved, Nelson quickly checked her ring doorbell video to get a glimpse of the self-proclaimed Peter Parker and could tell he was a teenager.

Whether he acted alone or had help from his parents, Nelson is now on a mission to find him.

“They didn’t want anything from this,” said Nelson. “They just wanted to do a good deed, so I want to thank them in person and just express my gratitude for being the kind of person that we hope everyone is, and for bringing back my wallet.”

If you know who the mystery good Samaritan is, send us an email to