Hundreds issued traffic tickets in CCSD school zones as part of interagency task force

Hundreds issued traffic tickets in CCSD school zones as part of interagency task force
Hundreds issued traffic tickets in CCSD school zones as part of interagency task force(FOX5)
Published: Feb. 16, 2022 at 8:11 PM PST
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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- For the second time this school year, the Clark County School District Police Department positioned more than 30 officers in more than 30 schools, resulting in a flurry of tickets being handed out to unlawful drivers on Wednesday.

Other police departments helped saturate school zones as part of their “Joining Forces Traffic Task Force” to assist the the CCSDPD traffic unit.

In the interagency partnership, officers focus on important areas for enforcement, and agencies rotate their resources toward it on a monthly basis, according to Nevada State Police Officer Martin Vohwinkel.

“And this month happens to be the school district’s time. So we’re gonna hit all the schools around the valley,” said Vohwinkel. “The goal is to educate everybody and be more aware ... I just stopped somebody for not even paying attention in front of the bus.”

CCSDPD posted on their Facebook Wednesday morning that by halfway through their day, they had already issued 200 tickets in various school zones. Outside one school, they said 19 vehicles were stopped for an illegal U-turn in a school zone.

They also said that there were 34 tickets issued at one school in a span of 30 minutes.

Vohwinkel said speeding was the most common violation, based on what he’d seen so far that day. Unlawful passage by a loading or unloading school bus was another common violation, police said.

Outside of Hayes Elementary in the west side of the valley, Vohwinkel said his crew of four officers had at that point issued more than a dozen tickets in 30 minutes.

“Some drivers just don’t even pay attention, and they just speed right through the school zone -- even when kids and parents are walking around,” said Vohwinkel.

Crossing guards echoed that sentiment.

“It’s every day. They fly out here like a bat out of hell,” said one crossing guard outside of Lucille S. Rogers Elementary.

The crossing guard outside of Hayes Elementary also said that speed was a recurring problem, and both guards said they’d noticed more drivers acting on their best behavior upon seeing the police stationed there.

One parent residing in a neighborhood near Hayes Elementary, Amber Schneider, said she was thrilled to see the added enforcement.

“People are always speeding. They do not care, it is very, very, very awful,” said Schneider. “I’m really happy that they’re here, enforcing this.”

Last time CCSDPD held this event, they made nearly 400 traffic stops and wrote 367 citations, according to the department’s Facebook page.

The department said on Facebook Wednesday night they stopped more than 400 vehicles and no warnings were given.