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Expert tips on body language basics

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Body language and image expert Yana German. (File/FOX5) Body language and image expert Yana German. (File/FOX5)

First impressions are very important, especially when it comes to a job interview or even that first date.

Experts say about 60 percent of all human communication is non-verbal and body language sets the tone in these occurrences. 

Body language and image expert Yana German shared a few tips with FOX5's Alyssa Deitsch:

How to Make a Great First Impression on an Interview with Body Language

  • Let others speak first - people who express interest in the other person’s viewpoint and follow up with relevant questions are more likely to leave a positive impression.
  • Eye contact - eye contact is vital to show you’re both paying attention and interested, but too much comes off too intense. If you can’t look someone straight in the eyes try looking from their eyebrows to their nose.
  • Smile when a person says their name - smiling is important because it subconsciously shows that you are not a threat and that you are pleased to hear their name.
  • Keep your palms up - this shows you are open to receiving what the other person is saying.
  • Neutral handshake - show you’re equal and trustworthy with a straight-up, open-palmed, thumb-on-top shake where your hand is vertical rather than leaning to one side.

What’s your Date’s Body Language Saying?

  • Head tilt - when your date tilts his/her head after you’ve said something in the conversation they are literally saying “tell me more.” 
  • Cross leg towards the person - this person is showing interest in you and sometimes even trying to be more attractive to you. This move can even deter others from interrupting your conversation.
  • Belly button direction - when someone keeps their belly button facing towards you, it means they are attracted to you and are interested in staying connected.
  • Real smiles come through eyes - when someone is truly feeling happy around you, their eyes also “light up” and sometimes look squinty, not just their mouths.

Body Language Basics Decoded 

  • Hair twirling - this can be a nervous tick, feeling uncomfortable or feeling flirty.
  • Tapping or shaking foot - this means the person is uncomfortable and wants to leave the environment. 
  • Crossing legs - this can be sexual or if the crossed leg is facing towards a person and if it is facing away you can be blocking what people are telling you.  
  • Hands in pockets - this can mean the person is hiding something from you or not interested in becoming involved in the conversation.
  • Extended eye contact - this can mean a person is aggressive and they are trying to make others uncomfortable.

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