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Both sides agree: Someone lied on the stand in Dr. Chung rape trial

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Dr. Binh Chung faces trial, charged with drugging and sexually assaulting his patients. (Jason Westerhaus / FOX5) Dr. Binh Chung faces trial, charged with drugging and sexually assaulting his patients. (Jason Westerhaus / FOX5)

A jury consisting of ten men and two women are set to be back in court on Monday to continue deliberations in the trial of Dr. Binh Minh Chung. The suspended doctor is accused of recording himself drugging and raping female patients.

Attorneys gave their closing arguments on Friday and used their final plea to the jury as an opportunity to paint specific witnesses as liars. Testimony from Chung and his accuser was so conflicting that someone had to have given false information on the stand.

Chung's defense was that he was having an affair with the accuser. He said they had sex on camera, but she only appeared to be unconscious because she was helping him act out a "sleeping beauty fetish."

"Oh, he found a sexual fetish while fooling around on the internet," prosecutor Lisa Luzaich said. "But it had nothing to do with 'Sleeping Beauty.'"

Luzaich then pointed to the search history on Chung's computer. He visited pornographic websites with the words "assault" and "rape" in the title.

"Not 'Sleeping Beauty,'" she said. "He is no 'Prince Charming.'"

The doctor's attorney, Christopher Orem, admitted his client is an "adulterer" but not a criminal.

"They had an affair and they were a little weird," Orem said. "(They got) freaky."

Both sides gave different interpretations of Chung's sex tapes. The jury will ultimately have to decide if the woman in the videos is drugged and unconscious or simply role playing to fulfill Chung's fantasy.

Only the attorneys and jury were allowed to view the sex tapes because they were considered too graphic to release to the public.

Prosecutors said the female(s) in the video don't move a single muscle for 15 or 20 minutes while Chung rapes them.

"She was out like a light in all of those videos," Luzaich argued.

Chung and his attorneys insisted there is some movement and proof that the woman "breaks character." Luzaich urged members of the jury to watch the videos over and over to reach their own conclusion.

Who is in the video?

The doctor's attorney, Christopher Orem, blamed the prosecution and Chung's accuser of blatantly lying about a female seen in one of the erotic videos.

Chung insisted the video shows him sexually touching his new lover. The prosecution insists the female is actually the victim's teenage daughter receiving what was supposed to be "acne treatment" late at night in Chung's office. 

The teen testified earlier in the trial that Chung gave her an injection that knocked her out, but she woke up and started crying when she noticed her pants were off and her legs were spread.

"There's not a single bump on that face," Orem said, pointing to a picture of the incident. "They can't get their story straight ... this is ridiculous. This is an affair. It's obvious."

"Just because you can't see it here doesn't mean that there is no acne there," Luzaich countered. "It's distorted."

"You'll hear her giggle for a moment," prosecutor Alex Chen said. "And you'll know, that's the voice of a child."

Inconsistent testimony

Orem pointed out multiple instances in which the accuser's story was different when she testified in the past in front of a grand jury. He also pointed out that she was motivated to lie under oath because she and her daughter are suing Chung and his wife for $1,000,000.

"She got caught red-handed, under oath, telling a pack of nonsense," Orem argued. "She got caught... there's a word for that. It's called perjury."

"I brought it out of her in that rigorous cross-examination," he said.

The defense attorney specifically mentioned text messages sent to the doctor that say "I love you" but were deleted on the accuser's phone. Prosecutors say she viewed the doctor as a brother, not a lover, because they had known each other for decades.

Orem went on to accuse prosecutors of sweeping facts under the rug in order to make a more compelling case. He said he specifically wanted to know why they didn't call an expert witness to contradict any of Chung's medical testimony.

"Oh, 'We're just trying to get truth!'" he said, imitating the prosecution. "No you're not. You're trying to get a million bucks, so stop making it up. That's how innocent people get convicted."

Prosecutors said the victim had knowledge of the lawsuit but had no idea her lawyer asked for $1,000,000.

Jurors will re-enter the deliberation room on Monday at 9:00 a.m. Click the video above to watch attorneys give their closing arguments.

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