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War Machine trial day 5: DNA evidence doesn't prove rape

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Eight witnesses testified on behalf of the prosecution on the fifth day of the War Machine trial. Friday was the longest day of trial so far heading into a weekend where the former MMA fighter's defense team will prepare for their chance to make their case.

War Machine pleaded not guilty to 34 criminal charges and faces the possibility of life in prison. He's accused of beating, choking, raping and trying to kill his ex-girlfriend Christina Mackinday.

Scientific testimony may help War Machine

David Johnson, a forensics scientist who handles fingerprints, said he couldn't find any fingerprints on the knives prosecutors said War Machine used to cut and torture Mackinday.

"If you touch an object and then twist your finger or smear as you're lifting up your hand ... you're going to leave behind a smear or a smudge," he said.

Johnson said just because he didn't find fingerprints, that doesn't prove War Machine never touched the knives. He said it's possible he didn't have any "residue" on his finger or that the smooth plastic knife handles don't hold fingerprints well.

Jessica Acevedo, a forensics scientist who handles DNA, said she couldn't find any evidence of War Machine's DNA on Mackinday's rape kit. Prosecutors argued that it's possible the DNA could have been washed off or masked due to urination, wiping the area or other fluids coming into contact with War Machine's DNA.

Acevedo said that is possible.

She also revealed she wasn't able to find any evidence of Mackinday's DNA on a bloody white shirt that belonged to War Machine.

Prosecutors said that makes sense because War Machine took off his shirt after assaulting Mackinday's new boyfriend, Corey Thomas, but before beating Mackinday.

Defense Attorney Brandon Sua said the witnesses helped the defense's case.

Prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth said she has nothing to hide and that she wanted the jury to hear testimony from the forensic experts because it corroborates Thomas' and Mackinday's testimony.

William Speas, a crime scene analyst, said he took professional photographs of Mackinday's injuries. He testified she was unresponsive in the hospital.

"She was pretty messed up," Speas said.

During cross-examination, War Machine's defense team asked Speas whether he failed to collect or process certain items in Mackinday's home that may have been pertinent to the case. Sua asked specifically about a bag of narcotics left on the table and some of Mackinday's wigs that War Machine allegedly cut up.

Mackinday's friends testify

John Roquemore, who was in charge of social media for Mackinday's professional pornography accounts, testified he had access to her cell phone and was able to immediately see pictures that she took documenting her injuries. He said he saw the photos in a hidden folder labeled "PRIVATE."

"There's one photo where she had a bloody nose. I was pretty sure it was broken. I think she also had a bruised eye in one of them and then also she had bruises on her arm and her back," he said. "I'd seen bruises on her before. Christy is a pretty private person."

"Looking back now, hindsight, do you wish you would have done more on behalf of Miss Mackinday?" asked prosecutor Rob Stevens.

"Absolutely," Roquemore replied.

Two other witnesses testified on behalf of the prosecution under condition of anonymity. They said they spent time together with War Machine and Mackinday and knew about the abuse. They said War Machine said "counseling is for *******" when they recommended he seek help.

Preparing for War Machine's second week of trial

The prosecution said it will rest their case when the trial resumes next week. War Machine's defense attorneys said they will illustrate what truly happened when they have the opportunity to call their own witnesses to the stand.

It is too early to say whether War Machine will testify.

The trial is scheduled to start back up again Monday at 1:30 p.m. Follow @AdamHerbets on Twitter for live updates from the courtroom.

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