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Coach Miles thanks Tiger Stadium crowd for a great night

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Coach Les Miles met with the media today, again praising LSU fans for lifting the team to victory in Tiger Stadium. The coach talked about Jeremy Hill, the offense line, linebackers, red zone touchdown issues, Texas recruiting and Brad Wing's tough night.

"The memory of Tiger Stadium is always renewed anytime you bring a quality opponent in. I can't tell you how much fun it was to play again at home in a big very noteworthy contest. That crowd started with the first snap and finished with the last snap. I promise you, our football team played to that. We've been fortunate to have some games here where you distanced yourself from your opponent. Not necessarily did everyone stay until the last tick of the clock. Many times the coach would leave the stadium around 11:30 or 12 o'clock at night, and usually the traffic is already cleared out. Last Saturday night, it was gridlock until forever. If it takes everybody staying to have that kind of environment for the entire time, we'll take that. Thanks again to those people that were there and were involved."

On Jeremy Hill earning playing time as a freshman …

"He had very comfortably learned football. He had a very quality football IQ and just a natural sense for what should be and what shouldn't be. He has great ball skills, and of course his size and speed combination lets you know that he was going to have that opportunity to play. The thing that you wonder about a freshman is how he will respond when the lights turn on in a game like last Saturday night, and that's the only thing that was ever any question. Of course his response is very small."

On preparing offensive linemen Trai Turner and Vadal Alexander …

"There are two ways you can look at it. Physically,  it's how long it's going to take him to get there, both Trai Turner and Vadal Alexander are big, strong athletic guys. It always takes more time to train the technique and the abilities and how quickly they can pick those up and take that coaching to the field. Both guys are improving at a very rapid rate. I was really excited to see Trai Turner. On the sideline, he understood what was going on, could describe it very comfortably and, even when he made a mistake, he said ‘I can make that adjustment.' Those kind of conversations on the sideline gave me the understanding that these guys were ready to play."

On linebackers Kevin Minter and Lamin Barrow…

"Both guys are maturing and playing their best football right now. They're at the backend of their careers, and they have more knowledge and more experience, and they're playing big. Really, that's what we should understand and expect from our veterans. Kevin Minter was not ready to play as much early in his career, and yet with experience , he continues to play big in every game. With Lamin Barrow, it's exactly the same thing. Initially, you look at what's required of you and you try to assess it, you grasp it. Once you have it and you can play with it intuitively, it makes a difference. I think both guys are doing that."

On touchdowns …

"The red zone issues are, simply put, that we have to take care of our responsibilities. If we do our job, we'll be fine. We can't turn the ball over, and we certainly have to execute well. Really, there are a number of pieces there. It's not just one spot. I think our guys have more understanding now than ever of how important that is. The fact is that we've gone down the red zone so often and not come away with sevens, and we're more likely to come away with threes. They recognize the need to win in this conference. Especially when you're down there, the need to get sevens is important. We would've had seven in my opinion in the first trip down, but a young offensive lineman in his first drive close to a goal line had a hiccup. I think we're maturing, I think our team's getting better and I think we're working on it. I can tell you that."

On recruiting players from Texas and Louisiana along with Texas A&M …

"The only thing I can tell you is that in this state, there's a great loyalty to playing for these Tigers. Being in Tiger Stadium last Saturday, anybody that was there would certainly understand that. I think the opportunity for other schools to come into other states diminish because, in my mind, it's not only a fan base, it's a tradition and a history of the state that they're committed to what's going on in Tiger Stadium. I do recognize the fact that certainly (Texas A&M) is now in the SEC, and the schedule will bring them to our place and us to theirs. There will be some familiarity. We certainly enjoy going into Texas. We think that Texas is a great place to recruit to. I think they understand the style of play that we have here at LSU and that they'd enjoy being a part. Obviously the familiarity allows some access to what extent, time will tell."

On Brad Wing's performance against South Carolina …

"We just recognize that he's accustomed to performing much better. Certainly, he's a well-attended guy. He's heartfelt about it. He'll make the adjustment and we'll go on that way. In terms of looking at the adjustment when you're used to having that monster punt, frankly maybe that's not something we should count on and allow him to give it to us a little more regularly later."

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