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Artificial Pancreas Treatment® using the Bionica Artificial Pancreas System® is the only US FDA cleared safe and effective way to stop the progression of diabetes and in most ways reverse the chronic complications of diabetes.

It is uniformly effective for all types of diabetic patients. APT has been shown to be effective in even the most impaired patients.

Diabetes is not a disease of improper blood sugars, they are just a symptom. Diabetes is “a disease of improper metabolism” according to every medical writing, yet treatments have focused on blood sugar. The Artificial Pancreas Treatment® is the only treatment which reverses this lack of body wide proper metabolism!

Diabetes technically is the lack of enzymes made by the liver which enable the body to burn and process carbohydrates. This inability is the result of improper stimulation of the liver by the pancreas. Automatically, when the body is unable to metabolize carbohydrates it converts to high lipid and free fatty acid utilization which over time causes all of the complications of diabetes.

The first and perhaps most important role of insulin is to signal the liver to produce the enzymes that are necessary for proper metabolism.

Defining and then mimicking non-diabetic liver stimulation with a sophisticated delivery of a bi-signal process, we were able to effectively make proper metabolism a reality to the metabolically impaired.

APT addresses this core problem by inducing naturally normalized carbohydrate (and thus lipid) metabolism. APT mimics the precise stimulation that a normal liver gets from a normal pancreas. This produces the enzymes necessary to metabolize carbohydrates.

There are a host of studies which demonstrate that it is indeed improper metabolism which directly causes all of the complications of diabetes. These complications include kidney failure, blindness, amputations, heart disease, stroke, neuropathy, progressing wounds, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, diabetes dementia and depression, just to name the more obvious. There are additional complications, and indeed disease states which have, as their core cause, improper metabolism.

Perhaps it is the complexity of hormone fueled metabolism that has caused so many to look at the cellular level for an answer when in fact a total resolution of the core problem was always nearby through providing proper organ stimulation. Indeed the design and function of the endocrine system is monstrously complicated, we merely mimic what that design produces.

It was the attempt to deliver a small dose modulating treatment that exposed the simple fact that one need only achieve proper liver stimulation in order to stop the complications of diabetes, and provide individual cells the energy necessary to perform the function defined by their DNA.

No other treatment achieves these outcomes and no other technology is even close to doing so.

Call Trina Health of Las Vegas today at 702-850-2786 to see how the Artificial Pancreas Treatment can help you start to get your life back!

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